We Are CityCode

CityCode Mortgage Bank Limited is a duly registered Primary Mortgage Bank that has remained healthy since inception in 1992. We are set up for the purpose of providing mortgage loans and assisting customers in accessing National Housing Fund Loan through Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria.


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We Are a Reputable Company
CityCode has a proven professional experience in the mortgage and financial services sector in Nigeria.
With our team of highly experience personalities, you can rest assured of our professional services.
Our Services
Obtain a loan of up to N15million from CityCode, to buy, build, renovate or complete your desired house.
This loan is channeled towards construction of residential estates.
This package allows you to pay-off existing loan and take a new loan using the same property.
For Nigerians living in UK, USA, Canada. They must have residence permit in the country and must have good credit rating.

This is for the financing of building or buying of residential houses/building strictly for residential purposes.
This package allows customers to make payment of their rent within one year.
Our Available Homes
Affordable and quality homes at a very competitive
interest rate, get your ready made home today